Turn on web gui services for SAP (SAP GUI on web)

Turn on web gui services for SAP

Turn on web gui services for SAP (SAP GUI on web)


With lastest version of SAP Gui is 750, release 05/2017. SAP GUI run on windows & java still be best GUI. However, requirement for access SAP from web is always necessary. This port is to show step by step to turn on web gui services for SAP Netweaver . Applies to SAP Netweaver R/3 System and later.

SAP GUI 750 download link (Google Drive) click to download

Note: SAP Recipe Development only works in the web-ui.

Step by step to active web gui.

  • Step 1: Configurate parameters for ICM

Transaction SMICM (ICM Monitor).

Displays the ICM configuration and monitoring. Make sure it is running. Check the following ICM parameters.

[Menu-> Goto -> Parameters ->Display]
  1. icm/server_port_0 PROT=HTTP,PORT=8000
  2. icm/host_name_full <Full Qualified Domain Name>
  3. domain name as localhost.XXX
  • Step 2: Activate Required Services for WEB GUI

  • Step 3: Publishing Services

  • Step 4: Login In to the SAP GUI though Web.



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