SAP PLM Recipe Development or SAP PLM Recipe Management


What is SAP PLM Recipe Development or Recipe Management ?

What is a customer need ?

With old version SAP ERP 6.0 , SAP PLM Recipe Management based on SAP – GUI. There are no more new developments from SAP AG, and it’s not part of S/4HANA.
But with SAP Recipe Development, based on SAP web-ui. There are new developments from SAP and new features with each Enhancement Package, and it’s part of S/4HANA.

What is SAP S/4HANA ?


Purpose of SAP PLM

  • Manage the distribution of development resources, where a ‘single source of the truth’ is critical (RM specs, label compliance)
  • Have highly variable raw materials (mass change)
  • Must meet global and customer expectations (brand movement)
  • Collaborate with external sources and regulatory agencies
  • Need to increase quality while maintaining effective product innovation
  • Must manage complex regulatory processes (pharmaceuticals)
  • Want to limit legal/brand liabilities (tobacco)
  • Have regional variations that affects tracking/reporting
  • Develop new products in highly regulated environment (FDA, USDA)
  • Manage of intellectual property to expedite development (re-invention)
  • Account for variances in regional and local regulatory needs
  • Develop a lot of new products and variations every year

1. SAP PLM Recipe Management

2. SAP PLM Recipe Development






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