Introduction Production Planning (SAP PP Module)

Production Planning (PP)
Production Planning (PP)

What is SAP PP Module ( Production Planning)

SAP Production Planning ( PP) generally encompasses the integration and streamlining of the varied needs of a manufacturing enterprise and takes care of the proper planning of its allied processes. Globally, the main function of a production department is to produce reliable goods and services for end user consumption – the cost effective and effective way. In this regard, a smartly conceived and well organized production department is of utmost importance for higher productivity and profit making figures alike.

Overview SAP PP Module

Some of the important sub-components of PP module

  • PP-SOP ( Sales & Operations Planning )
  • PP-MP ( Master Planning )
  • PP-CRP ( Capacity Requirement Planning )
  • PP-MRP ( Material Requirements Planning )
  • PP-SFC ( Production Orders )
  • PP-REm ( Repetitive manufacturing )
  • PP-PI ( Production planning for process industries or Process Order )

Intergrated Module & Master Data

SAP PP handles all business processes relevant to the production of a manufacturing unit. Here, the R/3 system modular data is appropriately classified as transaction data and master data; where the latter is defined in the form of individual module objects. These PP Master Data objects must be used prior to the use of transactions.

1.Intergrated Module

This module is totally integrated with other SAP modules like:

  • Financial Accounting and Controlling – FICO
  • Sales and distribution – SD
  • Material Management – MM
  • Plant Maintenance – PM
  • Quality Management – QM

2. Master Data

  • Factory Calendar
  • Work Center
  • Material Master
  • Bill of Materials
  • Master Recipe / Routing
  • Production Version



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