Interview questions position SAP ERP Consultant

Interview questions position SAP ERP consultant

Interview questions position SAP ERP Consultant

Some my experience for Interview questions position SAP ERP consultantt Logistics and my answer, you can refer or not.

Frequently Questions

  1. Introdourself and your education

    Introduce yourself, example: Name, hometown, age, current life, married or not, … Introduce your education from high school to university or more … Don’t lie anything, just simple tell the trust and enjoy. Don’t worry anything, almost corporation doesn’t care. They need people that work best for each position, they don’t need people have a lot certification but work not good.

  2. How did you hear about this position ?

    Internet website, from friends, …

  3. What do you know about our company ?

    Of course, you should know all related applied position. However, knowledge about company, knowledge business process of company, award, … is a advance plus. It meaning that you really enjoy for applied position and want to work for their company.

  4. Presenting overview of your career to date.

    Present your career from begin to date. Present skills and experiences to establish the value you bring. From simple to complex that you worked, use mini-stories to add the details of career. These stories will make your presenting smoothly and interesting. However, don’t use it a lot.

  5. What is big challenge you’ve faced at work, and how you dealt with it.

    What is big challenge ? With me, maybe challenge come from new environment, new jobs that you have not yet work. You will begin like newbie, with knowledge is empty paper. And day by day, you will collect experience to make all things better.

  6. Why are you leaving your current job?

    Desire to take on more responsibility and grow in a career.Desire take on less responsibility.Desire to relocate.Desire a career change.Company reorganization has led to dissatisfaction in the work place… etc …

  7. What are your long term goals?

    Best answer with me may be ” As part of a team, addition all value and continue to grow the company. Your Long-Term goal will depend on where the company goes. Nothing else better to move into a position of responsibility where you can lead a team. “

  8. What are your weaknesses? your strengths ?

    Depend each person, tell them about your weakness, your strengths, but all should stop at 50%. Don’t tell theme too much about yourself. They will judge you when you work. Don’t be scammers !!

  9. Do you have any questions for us?

    Free style, you should ask some questions. Example: some information from interviewers or relationship between member in a team at company, etc …

ERP Consultant Questions

All content focus for purpose SAP ERP consultant Logistics
  1. What version of SAP system you worked ? Database ? Operation System ?

    Of course, you are professional business consultant but you cannot tell them that you don’t know what it is. That is bad, it’s not difficult to get some informations about version SAP ERP, database, Operation system.
    Logon SAP GUI and open System >> Status >> get Operation System & Database system
    Interview questions position SAP ERP consultant

    Click on Details button >> Choose Tab Installed Product Version >> get version of SAP Netweaver, SAP ERP, Enhancement Package … etc

    Interview questions position SAP ERP consultant

  2. Your experience with Configuration Management.

    Tell some configurations. Example: Configuration for solution PO-STO (Purchase Order – Sales to Order), Process Order with QM, Production Strategy, Make to Stock or Make to Order, Consumption of Raw Material, Semi finish product or anything … Of course, you just only tell about process to do it.

  3. Have some enhancements for function in projects you worked ?

    What is enhancement ? The enhancement concept allows you to add your own functionality to SAP’s standard business applications without having to modify the original applications. To modify the standard SAP behavior as per customer requirements, we can use enhancement framework. How to display or find Enhancement in System. There are a lot of methods, but in this post, i want share a simple method.

    Step: Go to transaction code: SE80 >> Choose Repository Information System >> Enhancements >> Enhancements Implementations.
    Find Enhancement via Package. Frequently Package for Enhancement use start by “Y” or “Z”.

    Interview questions position SAP ERP consultant
    Interview questions position SAP ERP consultant

  4. Business overview about related between logistics modules (MM,SD,PP,QM…) ?

    Example: Process flow for PP (Production Planning) and QM (Quality Management) Material Master >> BOM Creation >> Work Center Creation >> Routing Creation >> PIR Creation >> MPS/MRP run >> Evaluation through MRP list and Stock requirement list >> Conversion of Planned order to Production order >> Order Management >> Confirmations >> Goods Issue Material>> Quality Check >> Goods Receipt Finish Product >> Quality Check >> TECO (Technical Complete) or Close Order …

  5. What has been the biggest headache for you in your previous deployments?

    My biggest headache has been data because the amount of work involved in collect data from customer, check and confirm transform into master data in SAP ERP. It’s not easy to do it, need a lot experiences to do it. However, this is past. At the present, i’m confidently control all master data to ensure process run smoothly.

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