How to change SAP Easy Access Logon Screen


How to change the default image on the right column of start screen ( SAP Easy Access Logon Screen )

Default SAP Easy Access Logon Screen of IDES server

This is simple but it is very important. I’m not expert in Basis but with Professional Basis  – almost projects i know, insert logo of customer is one of those things first. And professional logo will help end-user, key-user and consultant feel better more is Bad Logo. So i think have some skills in Photoshop or any Editor Picture Software is a necessary for Basis.


  • Go to transaction code – SWM0

  • Choose Binary data for WebRFC application >> Enter >> Excute

  • Click Settings >> Maintain MIME types >> Create ( Ignore if there is MIME types exists ) Fill Type: image/jpg – Extension: *.jpg >> Save
  • Click Back to the Binary data for WebRFC >> Click Create >> Click Import and specify the filename (.jpg)

Choose Allow when system require access file on local machine.

Save on request if system require. (What is SAP transport request ? )

Your logo will be shown in the Binary data forWebRFC.

Note: Choose Object Name >> Click Atttributes to Display Parameter name & Parameter Value of Object Name.

Go to transaction code SM30 >> Fill Table/View: SSM_CUST >> Click Maintain >> Click New Entries


Logoff ( use command in transaction code: /nex to exit all current screen ) then Logon again to check image.

Note: If image does not display after logon again, fix it by choose Extras >> Settings >> Do not display picture >> Check. Repeat steps >> Uncheck.

Recommend use .PNG image no background ( transparent background) for LOGO is the best, i will update this post in the future use it. Why use .PNG ? Because SAP themes have more different background-colors, a image .PNG with transparent background is match.

If you have any question about customize related private server, comment and discussion with me below this post.


  1. i have tried all the steps mentioned by you but still cant change the logon screen. i think i have problem with my images as my images are in .PNG format. is it because of this that i cant change my screen. please reply.

    • Hi Sufiyan,
      If your images are in .PNG format. Pls try ” Click Settings >> Maintain MIME types >> Create ( Ignore if there is MIME types exists ) Fill Type: image/jpg – Extension: *.jpg >> Save ” . Maybe your system missing .PNG types ? or pls check this section .
      < Note: If image does not display after logon again, fix it by choose Extras >> Settings >> Do not display picture >> Check. Repeat steps >> Uncheck. >
      pls reply if you successfully apply.


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